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Indiana Funeral Directors Association

Curtis Rostad“It isn’t a matter of luck that we have been successful. IFDA over the past 23 years has relied on the hard work, tenacity and sound advice provided by Bose Public Affairs Group’s Carolyn Elliott and Trenton Hahn to better serve our members and their communities throughout Indiana.”

Curtis D. Rostad, Executive Director, Indiana Funeral Directors Association

The Challenge
The Indiana Funeral Directors Association (IFDA) since its founding in 1880 has been focused on proactively addressing the professional needs of its members. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IFDA provides services and continuing education opportunities throughout the state to its members – helping them better serve their communities.

With 480 member firms that rely on IFDA to protect their businesses, a dynamic advocacy team was needed to educate public officials at the state and local levels on issues affecting the industry and the public. IFDA counts on Bose Public Affairs Group’s (BPAG) Carolyn Elliott and Trenton Hahn to advocate on issues pertaining to licensing, permitting and ethics throughout the year and not just during legislative sessions.

The Strategy
Using experience, established relationships and a bipartisan approach, the BPAG team created strategies and tactics that have led to the passage of positive concepts and prevented the passage of detrimental legislation. The constant monitoring of proposed legislation, laws and regulations during an ever evolving environment has been instrumental in advising IFDA to ensure its policy and fiscal goals are achieved.

The Impact
Over the course of 23 years, IFDA has realized through its partnership with the BPAG team success on multiple levels. The value of this partnership has never been questioned, even during lean times including the 2008 recession. Effective advocacy and lobbying by BPAG’s Carolyn Elliott and Trenton Hahn has saved the association from spending additional dollars to protect its members. IFDA and its members will continue to focus on providing the best services to Indiana communities – thanks to the BPAG team.