Energy, Science and Technology

Federal Areas of Focus

Bose Public Affairs Group offers one-of-a-kind services and expertise to clients focused on issues within the energy policy arena.
Our team includes long-term insiders in energy policy and appropriations, particularly in the nuclear energy, science, and technology (NEST) industry. When it comes to NEST, Bose Public Affairs Group provides nationally recognized, industry leading representation that’s unmatched in the world of federal policy/public affairs.

Our experience in NEST compliments Bose Public Affairs Group’s expertise in the complex clean energy landscape. From research and development, infrastructure, and licensing, our team offers extensive expertise and savvy strategies that provide a comprehensive array of customized client services in all aspects of clean energy policy.

Bose Public Affairs Group offers one-of-a-kind service on the issues, businesses, and players that occupy all aspects of clean energy policy and we ensure that our clients’ voices are included at all levels of energy policy conservation. With the dynamic public policy process that has captured Washington, our team is uniquely poised to provide comprehensive services that correspond with the rapidly-changing environment many organizations struggle with in the energy arena.

Bose Public Affairs Group has achieved success with major policy initiatives and relevant players. Whether it’s appropriations, authorizing legislation, and/or committee testimony in Congress, regulatory actions at the Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other relevant agencies, or relationship building with universities, national labs, providers, and others to advance our clients’ policy objectives, we provide unique and tailored services for companies, non-profits, and associations looking to build their presence in DC.