STEM, Education and Social Policy

Federal Areas of Focus

Bose Public Affairs Group is a full service government affairs and public relations consulting firm that has built a reputation for producing results. In 2018, through our merger with Washington Partners, one of the foremost education-focused firms in Washington, DC, our commitment to serving clients in the STEM, education and social policy arenas was further solidified. We collaborate with clients committed to excellence in education and other social services to achieve policy and advocacy success by:

  • leveraging our expertise and passion, as former educators and advocates;
  • strategizing intelligent solutions; and,
  • creating meaningful impact.

Our team includes long-term insiders in education policy from PreK through higher education, innovative thinkers and savvy strategists that provide a comprehensive array of customized client services.

We are uniquely poised to provide comprehensive services in relation to major domestic PreK to higher education, STEM, literacy, civil rights and research policies such as:

  • Labor, Health and Human Services and Education appropriations
  • Higher Education Act
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Perkins Career and Technical Education Act
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act
  • Education Sciences Reform Act
  • Juvenile Justice and Violence Against Women Act and more

We have the knowledge, skills and relationships that are necessary for successful advocacy at all levels. From grassroots to grasstops and everything in between, our broad-based legislative practice approaches every project with the same degree of determination and professionalism.

Bose Public Affairs Group enjoys strong working relationships with congressional offices, government agencies, think tanks, national organizations, coalitions and The White House. We help clients become known to the decision makers in Congress and federal agencies and proactively build effective and meaningful relationships. From single item appropriations and specific regulatory changes to advocating a full policy agenda, we help clients tell their important stories so policy makers know where to turn when they need vital information. We also serve clients who do not lobby, but seek greater visibility in the policy community and within the federal government.

In addition to our government relations services, Bose Public Affairs Group offers clients:

Association Management – From small coalitions to large membership organizations, our approach allows associations to devote more resources to the direct needs of their members. We provide cost-effective solutions to operating a full-service association and offer all the benefits of being located in the nation’s capital without the burden of renting expensive office space or hiring full-time staff.

Advocacy Training – Not only is grassroots advocacy a highly effective way to influence and shape public policy, it is paramount to every successful organization’s government relations plan.  By engaging your members and constituents in the legislative process via a grassroots campaign, you demonstrate your leadership and value to them by giving them an active voice in the lawmaking process while at the same time actively strengthening your brand and expressing a valid point of view to policymakers.

Research and Analysis – With deep knowledge about policy, practice and politics and a keen sensitivity to the cycles of the policy process, Bose Public Affairs Group is uniquely positioned to conduct research and analysis to advise and inform our clients.  We have a strong track record of producing synthesized information in customized formats that are useful and relevant to assuring our clients meet their policy goals.

Policy Events – At Bose Public Affairs Group, we have considerable experience advising, planning and implementing policy events that are developed to help our clients reach their target audience in the most efficient and cost effective way.  From the initial stages of development to implementation, we tend to every detail so our clients know they’ve made a lasting impression and have added value to the policy debate.

Strategic Communications – The editors, reporters, bloggers and tweeters in the realms of education policy and other social services are well known to Bose Public Affairs Group. We help our clients – within this unique niche in the policy space — connect with thought leaders and other media to provoke meaningful dialogue. We offer our clients strategic counsel on public relations and communications strategy that is effectively tailored to the distinctive role and voice our clients provide.

In summary, our relationships are structured to maximize and build on the strengths of the client. Our deep and broad experience gives us the flexibility to uniquely tailor the work in a manner that best compliments the client.

For more information, contact James Brown at 202-223-1187.


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