State and Local Government Relations


Doug and Paul at StatehouseThe halls of government can often be a mystery to businesses and organizations that are faced with government-related challenges and issues that need to be confronted.  In today’s competitive market, organizations are turning to all three branches of government to create, administer and interpret laws and regulations in order to meet their policy and fiscal goals.

Our government relations practice is widespread, encompassing a full range of government affairs services that include direct lobbying, legislative development, strategic messaging, appropriations, regulatory affairs and legal services. Our success is based on our experience, core strengths and a bipartisan commitment. 

Bose Public Affairs Group provides clients substantive expertise in the long-term legislative and regulatory representation of businesses, trade associations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and industry.

Our areas of expertise include energy, transportation, tax, education, insurance, economic development, FDA, product safety, gaming and horseracing, congressional appropriations, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sports and entertainment, homeland security, agriculture, technology, banking, environment and labor. 

Bipartisan Commitment

The successful resolution of a client’s government affairs challenges typically requires assistance from both sides of the political aisle.  For this reason, our team of professionals is of all political stripes and influence.  We work diligently together with a laser focus on serving our clients’ needs and not solely focused on politics.

Substantive Legal Experience

With government affairs professionals also working as practicing attorneys, we are able to provide clients with legal counsel and advice that is sometimes necessary where legal considerations parallel political and governmental issues.  In addition, when needed, our government affairs team calls upon the legal skills of attorneys within our affiliated firm, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP


Our clients want results that matter; and with our bipartisan team of dedicated professionals with government experience and political savvy, that’s exactly what they get. 

We have a proven record of success at the local, state and federal levels. Whether its legislative affairs, executive branch relations, regulatory solutions, Bose Public Affairs Group develops personalized strategies to meet each client’s individual needs.

We believe there is no substitute for experience. Our team includes former high ranking government officials, corporate business leaders, attorneys and public affairs professionals. We use our extensive knowledge base and integrated services to deliver results with impact for our clients.

Practice Areas

  • Local, State and Federal Government Relations
  • Economic & Infrastructure Development
  • Strategic Communications & Grassroots Advocacy
  • Regulatory Solutions
  • Executive & Legislative Affairs
  • Multi-State Government Relations


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