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News CameraMedia and public relations are both an art and a science.  We understand a working plan needs to be constructed around our clients’ business objectives and designed to include all relevant media channels to gain interest by the ever-changing media landscape.  Media has evolved beyond traditional print and broadcast and now includes citizen journalists operating in a growing universe of digital and social media.  

A rapidly changing news environment challenges companies to deliver their messages effectively and efficiently every time. Earned media strategies based on comprehensive and proven research and tactics is provided with every client engagement.

At Bose Public Affairs Group, we man the front lines with veteran professionals when it comes to working in the media environment.  We help our clients with strategic and clear communications with messaging for all key publics. 

One thing that will never change when it comes to working with the media is the importance of relationships.  Our team of public relations strategists have a proven track record and is led by an Emmy award-winning journalist. We understand the importance of knowing how a newsroom works and how reporters develop stories. Armed with an already strong network of media connections, we form and nurture new relationships every day.

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